Bluff Creek is a tributary of the Klamath River in Northern California, and is the site of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film of 1967.

Bigfoot Scenic Byway

Bigfoot Scenic Byway

Bluff Creek is 53.9 miles from Happy Camp, California, where I live.

It is only 27.9 miles from Willow Creek, California.

The road from Willow Creek to Happy Camp, Highway 96, is also called the Bigfoot Scenic Byway.

The Bigfoot Scenic Byway goes through the territory of three tribes of Native Americans. Close to Willow Creek is the Hoopa Reservation, with amenities including a supermarket, motel, casino, and gasoline.

Next is a very small town, Weitchpec, which is populated in part by Yuroks. The Yuroks are “the downriver people” and their territory extends to the coast.

Further upriver, around the town of Orleans you’ll enter the Karuk ancestral territory. Their territory extends to Happy Camp. The Karuks are “the upriver people”.

Between Orleans and Happy Camp you’ll pass through another very small town, Somes Bar, site of the Salmon River Outpost, a store I like to stop at for a good coffee bar, books, local crafts, and snacks.

Here’s a map of the Bigfoot Scenic Byway:

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On the map above, point A is Happy Camp, California, population about 1200.

Happy Camp is in the center of the Klamath National Forest.

Bluff Creek is point B on the map, 58.8 miles south of Happy Camp, in the Six Rivers National Forest.

Near Bluff Creek you’ll find the Bluff Creek Company Store which was the last stop for Patterson and Gimlin before they headed north into the wilderness to find a Bigfoot, and film it.

Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum

Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum

Point C on the map is Willow Creek, home of the Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum. While in Willow Creek you might also want to stop in at Bigfoot Books, three miles east of town. (No relation to Bluff Creek Press!) Bigfoot Books is a comprehensive used book business that carries new and used Bigfoot books from many different publishers.

At both ends of the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, Willow Creek and Happy Camp tend to play up their connection to Bigfoot. There are multiple Bigfoot statues in both towns and Willow Creek has some outstanding Bigfoot themed murals.

Every year on Labor Day Weekend each town hosts a three-day celebratory event. Willow Creek’s celebration is “Bigfoot Days”. Happy Camp’s celebration is the Bigfoot Jamboree.

For a Bigfoot vacation, the Klamath River Valley and the towns along Highway 96, the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, are well-worth visiting. There are many opportunities for camping and lodging from Willow Creek to Happy Camp in the Northern California forests.

There are also plenty of restaurants – in Willow Creek, Orleans, and Happy Camp.

Happy Camp Bigfoot Statue

Happy Camp Bigfoot Statue

Happy Camp, California is the ultimate get-away. It is 65 miles west of Highway 5 and 81 miles from Willow Creek. During the summer months Happy Camp can also be reached from Highway 199 in Oregon. That route is only 40 miles but is snowed under during the winter months.

Because Happy Camp is so isolated in the middle of the Klamath National Forest, it is often said that going there is like going thirty years into the past. It is a great place to get away from civilization while still being near all the necessities: a cardlock gas station, clinic, dentist, stores, restaurants, and plenty of Bigfoot statues!

Happy Camp also has the ultimate dreamcatcher – thought to be the largest in the world. There’s a drum circle under the dreamcatcher every Saturday evening during the summer.

To access the wilderness area of Bluff Creek where the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot was filmed, take the GO Road toward Fish Lake. (The name, Go Road, stands for Gasquet-Orleans Road.)

By the way, the Bigfoot filmed by Patterson and Gimlin in October 1967 was a real Bigfoot. Quit thinking it could have been a hoax, because close examination of the film by experts shows it wasn’t a hoax. This is the real thing… and she is known as “Patty”.

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5 Responses to Where is Bluff Creek?

  1. Marcia says:

    I havebeen a believer since I first saw the first big foot film, I dated a young man a pastors son that had lived in San Diego in a rural area. his story is quite amazing of the creature that walked the area at night and screamed
    I was fishing with my husband around Lapine Oregon in a small tributary of the Little Deshouts. We heard thrashing thru the woods across the river It was coming closer at a pretty good speed. It stopped screammed long and not changing tone til the end, we looked at each other Did you hear that? In a second it was coming towards us again…..I didn’t know I could mmove as quickly as my 6 foot 3 husband but my little 5 foot 2 frame got me to the truck before he threw the poles in the back and we were gone!
    We still talk about it and wonder if
    Would love to get invloved in a group of believers I had a wonderful neighbor and friend on the river that was a true story teller an he had a few encounters His name Rick McCreary

  2. david c says:

    read the book 1973 published–called the bible and the bermuda triagle.this will anser about the bigfoot.they are not the book it is paperback.

  3. david c says:

    it is calt the bible and the bermuda triangle.this will explain alot of things.

  4. Teresa McIvor says:

    June 2013 27th 28th Hiking in the trinity alps I had a good look at three bigfoot, I didn’t feel threated or afraid. I got a good look at them and they me, for about 45 seconds. It was around 5:00 p.m. plenty of day light left. I was the one who turned around and left. Any way they are real I know its hard to believe,because it was not that long ago I thought it was a joke to. I wish they would get the eyes right when they draw a bigfoot face. The eyes are black with no white around them. Any way I got to go. Bigfoot lover

  5. I completely agree, back in May or June of 1993, myself and 4 or 5 others of my friends were on our way home after a full day of fishing. We were east of Weldon, CA but still west of Walkers Pass driving some of us sitting in the bed of the truck and as the driver slowed down going into a curve those of us in the back saw this huge dark figure dart across the Hwy. It took 2 or 3 steps and it was across and gone into the dark shadows.

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